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While practicing Family Law, I receive countless calls from people that want a divorce but just don’t have the financial resources to pay the retainer fee. In an effort to offer assistance to those that cannot afford an attorney, I decided to offer the option of document preparation.

Document preparation services offer the security of having documents with content prepared by a Georgia attorney.

The initial 10-minute intake/consultation with the attorney or office staff member is free. This provides an opportunity for you to determine if the services provided within the office are a good fit.


Pricing for family law document preparation varies on a case by case basis. The fee for an uncontested divorce with no children, no property, no debts, and no alimony is $450. If you don’t fall into this category and your case has more complex issues, the pricing varies based on your needs.

What do I do after paying the flat fee?

Upon payment of the fee, you will receive several documents to be completed. The documents will include a retainer agreement, divorce questionnaire, and other state and county specific forms. Some documents can be completed electronically, while others will have to be mailed to the office.

What types of documents will I receive?

You will receive all documents that are relevant to your case. This includes but is not limited to complaints, settlement agreements, child support worksheets, parenting plans, qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO), spousal support documentation and much more.

How long will it take to receive my documents?

After receiving the divorce questionnaire, and supporting documents, it will take 1-2 weeks for the attorney to generate the documents.

How will I receive the documents?

The documents can be sent to you electronically. Also, there is the option of receiving them via USPS. There is no charge for printing or postage.

What if I want a revision?

You will receive one revision free of cost. The free revision covers minor changes. Please speak with the attorney about the revision and she will confirm whether there is a charge.

Will I receive instructions on how to file the documents?

Yes, filing instructions will be included with the completed documents. The instructions will specify the filing fee, the address of the court, the sheriff service fee if a contested matter and inform you if that court requires online electronic filing.


Why is it important that an attorney prepare your documents?
Some courts and websites provide templates for divorce documents that pro se individuals can complete and file in the appropriate clerk’s office. However, on several occasions, I have individuals call my office because the court rejected the documents they prepared on their own. If an attorney drafts your documents, there is a greater chance that your documents will not get rejected even if you file them on your own.

Can I utilize document preparation for uncontested and contested divorce cases?
Yes, my office can prepare the required documents for the filing of uncontested and contested divorces.

Does the office prepare documents for cases other than divorce?
I provide documents for legitimation both contested and uncontested, modification of custody both contested and uncontested, modification of child support both contested and uncontested, motions for contempt and motions to compel.

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