Slip & Fall Accidents

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Slip and fall cases can arise from injuries incurred on public property. Georgia law imposes a duty on property owners to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Property owners have an ongoing responsibility to keep the premises free of hazardous conditions or ensure that warnings are posted advising that a hazardous condition or conditions exists. Cases that arise from injuries due to the property owner’s failure to uphold that law are referred to as “premises liability.”

If you or a loved one is injured while on public property because of the negligence of a property owner or manager, don’t hesitate to call an slip and fall attorney to discuss your injuries and your case. Contact us today for a free consultation with our slip and fall attorney.

What Steps Should be Taken if you Slip and Fall in a Public Place?

1. Report the incident to a manager or property owner immediately after it happens
2. Take pictures of the injury scene
3. Take pictures of visible injuries
4. Seek medical attention immediately
5. Take the name and address of potential witnesses

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